Hi everyone,


It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a blog. But I’m up for it again! There are a few topics I’d like to address and ideas I’d like to share.


A lot has happened since my last blog and I cannot possibly summarize it all, so I will just start right in the middle of what’s in my heart. And that is being true. To myself and to everyone around me.


There are many areas to focus on when it comes to being true and some I’m better at and some I need to work on. One of the areas I promised myself I will be more true to is listening to when I need to rest for whatever reason.

Playing on tour, we all work really, really hard. And not just golf, but fitness, overall health, mental game, media obligations and other projects we do such as charity events or other businesses. And at the end of the day, we all need time out for ourselves. I decided to listen more to my body and rest, before I get exhausted. It sounds so simple, but sometimes it’s not. I’m learning to listen to that voice within me that nudges me to do things out of a place of love, instead of listening to the voice that comes from fear. Anytime I feel like I should do something, because it sounds right, I stop. Feeling like you should do something, because everyone else is doing it, or because someone told you to do it, is not a good reason to do it. And while the voice that comes from a place of love, might not have any reasons at all for its ideas and proposals, it resonates with a certain truth within me. I don’t know where it comes from and where it’ll lead me, but I do know that it wants the best for me and ultimately others as well.

It is the voice that told me to start my charity event in 2015. It’s the one that nudged me to take a longer break in the beginning of this year and skip my first two events in order to get ready. Sometimes it tells me to take it easy and rest, while most times it kicks me in the butt and tells me to go practice more.

Speaking about practicing and being true to myself. I came across a few (granted very few) comments on my social media lately, which made me very mad – and I don’t get angry often at all. Some people suggested I needed to practice more or focus on winning, instead of posting a picture from off the golf course. Let me just make one thing clear: Instagram or any other social media is not real life. It does not represent my life or the hours I spend on and off the golf course grinding to be the best I can be. Sorry, but I just had to get this off my chest.


So as much as I try to be true and authentic in my social media posts, some parts of my life will just not be represented. We all go through many ups and downs in our life and I decided to not share all the downs – because my job is to uplift people, not bring them down. Occasionally I might share a struggle, just to shatter the myth of having a “perfect” life.  But when looking at the big picture, my struggles are nothing compared to people struggling for food and shelter.


Back to my inner voice. Recently, this voice has also been pushing me towards veganism. I have been on and off meat and dairy products for the last couple of years and I keep researching and learning how to implement this diet into my lifestyle. Even though I can’t label myself a vegan, I am very conscious of what I consume. My three main reasons to go vegan all the way are

1)    compassion for animals

2)    health of the planet

3)    personal health.


Some of the people that inspire me to commit to this lifestyle are Paul and Stella McCartney, 2018 Olympic medalist Meaghan Duhamel and food blogger EarthyAndy to name just a few.


I haven’t bought anything made of leather during the last two years (except for my golf equipment), and if I ate meat or fish I made sure it was sustainably sourced and organic whenever possible. But anytime I start eating some fish or meat, I don’t feel right, because I know now, how the meat gets to the table. Even if it says organic, it doesn’t mean it is cruelty-free. How can I enjoy eating something that suffered for me? Not to speak of the absolutely non-humane ways mass production animals are being bred, fed, held captive and slaughtered.

If you have read this far, thanks for staying with me. I am not trying to make you a vegan. But. Maybe one day a week going meat-less is something you can do? Just give it a try. For me, for all animals and for the health of you and the planet. (Referring to the fact that the meat industry is one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions).


So take it or leave it, but I’ll keep sharing what’s in my heart. And a lot of that is love.


Cheers :)