Hi everybody!

Happy New Year!!! I wish you LOTS of happiness, love, time with your family, time for yourself, success and peace.


Hi Everyone!

So our LPGA season is officially done after what feels like a blink of an eye! I remember playing my first event of this year like it was yesterday.





Hi Everyone!!!

Wow, I just arrived to Florida from a 7-week trip. So happy to be home for a couple of weeks, although I really enjoyed my time in Asia!


Hi Everyone!

Whats new? This last month has been really eventful for me with the Solheim Cup in Ireland.


Hello Everybody!!!

Sorry that I skipped the month of July, it has been extremely busy the last month and a half, during which I only spent 4 nights at my home in Florida. But I’m not complaining! I love my job and traveling is part of it.


Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all doing good and enjoying the summer months!





Hi Everyone!

What’s happening? It’s been quite a bit on my side here the last few weeks.


Hi friends,

Firstly, sorry for this late blog! In mid March I was busy with business and administration issues and getting plenty of practice and fitness training in that there wasn't much exciting news to share.


Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is doing good and staying warm!


Hello my friends,

Happy New Year to all of you!!! Lots of love, peace and happiness, cause that’s what matters!


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