I have received some very kind emails from my fans recently and I would like to share them with their approval with you.

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October 28, 2016


What can I say about a golfer who inspires so many people on and off the course with her perseverance and zest for life.  Sandra, you are a true inspiration to both males and females alike. I am a weekend golfer and find myself in a rut sometimes and, as I mentioned on Instagram recently, I watched you on a recent tournament and took your mentality on the course with me and, much to my amazement, helped me out so much!  You have that "Okay, shot is done, can't change it one way or another. Moving on!" Attitude and that works not only on the couse, but it life's little twists and turns that we encounter along the way.  Don't ever stop being who you are, that makes you a success, no matter the outcome.

Thanks again, Sandra!
A true fan!
Pete G.
San Dimas, California.