I have received some very kind emails from my fans recently and I would like to share them with their approval with you.

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October 27, 2015

Dear Sandra,


It's such a great week for your coming to TW.
Annie and Jasmine prepared the Germany/Taiwan flag and Germany colored bracelets so conscientiously.
They didn't want to attend favorite art and golf class, but follow you in the game.
It was sch a pity that you were ill. But you were so great with smiling.

Thanks a lot you were so nice to Annie and Jasmine, and the precious signed caps (Sorry for the one for me ^_^)
And thanks your Dad taking photos for girls, they had talked to him.(I didn't know if he could understand what they talked ^_~)
Good Lucy and have a nice game in China.


The girls will miss you, and hope you'll come next year.
Al's family