This is a topic that has been on my mind for a long time. And I am not talking about clothing here, but about creating a world-class event, in which the best women and men compete together.


A couple of people expressed interest in getting to know the relationship between a player and a caddie. It is a bit of a gray area in golf and not much has been written about it. The reason is that it varies so much from player to player – simply, it is very individual. All I can offer is my interpretation and insight into a successful partnership.


I often find myself thinking about the game of golf and its rules. And I would definitely change a few of them.


During a recent interview for the Czech Golf Vacation Magazine, I was asked for my top 10 courses in the world. Sorry, if I borrow this idea for my blog, but I thought it was a really nice question.


My name is Sandra Gal and I will be giving you glimpses this year into my unconventional, colorful and very privileged life being a professional golfer on the LPGA Tour.


Have you heard of the law of resonance? It basically means that the same vibrational frequencies and energies attract each other – it could be people, places, moods, conversations and sometimes even golf balls.


From counting down a year to less than a week away – the Solheim Cup is approaching fast. And it is on my home turf in Germany!


The Solheim Cup is the biggest stage in women's golf. It is the equivalent of the Ryder Cup – the 12 best Europeans compete against the 12 best Americans in a match-play format.


Hi Everyone!

Whats new? This last month has been really eventful for me with the Solheim Cup in Ireland.


The British Open is for Europe like the US Open for the USA. But with that comes a major difference in the style of play – links courses, pot Bunkers, wind and (un)-lucky tee times.


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