Sandra Gal Foundation

I am so excited to announce the official launch of the Sandra Gal Foundation.

We bulit a strong team and we are dedicated to support children in need, especially the  Sandra Gal Children’s Center, where formerly homeless children are provided with a safe space outside of school. With the help of Volunteers of America we also offer mindfulness sessions, tutoring, art  and yoga.

You may contribute by sending a check to

11523 Palmbrush Trail

Bradenton, FL 34202

Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Sandra Gal Charity Challenge

On Nov 25, 2019 Sandra held her annual charity event at the Concession Club in Florida. This year was very special, because the Sandra Gal Children’s center just opened in Miami in August. We are deeply grateful for all of our LPGA friends, Volunteers of America, our sponsors and everyone participating in the Sandra’s Charity Challenge, who support her vision in helping underprivileged kids. This event made the Center come to life and give hope and opportunity to over 108 children from previously homeless families. They now have access to tutoring, yoga, mindfulness, art, as well as golf and music in the future.

Sandra Gal Charity Golf Tournament benefitting Allianz Pro Humanity in Mainz, Germany

The Sandra Gal Charity trophy at Mainzer Golf Club on Sep. 6-7, 2019 was a very successful and beautiful event, raising €77,777 for both the German Red Cross, as well as for the Sandra Gal Children’s Center in Miami.
We were especially grateful for the support of Sandra’s fellow German golf pros Karolin Lampert, Isi Gabsa, Olivia Cowen, Laura Fünfstück and Florian Fritsch, as well as ski jump Olympic medalist Dieter Thoma and world boxing champion Sven Ottke. A fun Solheim-like competition of 18 holes was followed by a lovely evening of delicious food and a live auction. Dancing topped off the evening between all friends.

Walk with Sandra Program

The Walk with Sandra program rewards outstanding LPGA*USGA Girls Golf members with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk inside the ropes with LPGA Tour player Sandra Gal during an official LPGA event. Nominated by their Girls Golf program leader and selected by Sandra Gal, winners will gain special VIP invitations to attend their local LPGA tournament and get inside the ropes access to meet and walk with Sandra during an official competition round. The program offers a unique opportunity for girls to meet and interact with LPGA players and watch the skill and action up close.

Charity auctions

From time to time, Sandra is organizing online charity auctions for her personal belongings, such as her Callaway staff bag, or for her original paintings.

Supported Charity Events

Sandra likes to donate autographed items such as photographs, visors, gloves, golf balls, etc. to support further charitable causes which are in line with her philanthropic vision.

To directly request information:

Golf Adventskalender — Special Edition Sandra Gal

Sandra is partnering with the company Steinbach, producing a special edition of an Advent Calendar. This special edition dedicated to Sandra is filled with innovative products from brands such as Callaway, Vice, Silverline, Masters, Lindt, Tiger Balm.

Sandra's comment

“Someone once asked me to define the word ‘power’. I believe that in my life, there are two kinds of powers. One, is me being ‘in power’ to shape my destiny and the other is the "power" to alter other people's lives for the better. I believe that I am in power over my skills and performance, over my thoughts, feelings and decisions. But I am also acutely aware of the fact that I have the power to impact or influence other people, because I am a public figure. Having the power to do so, gives me the responsibility and opportunity to be a role model. In this position, I have the power to represent virtues and values that I think are important for this world, such as honesty, integrity, willingness to help others, gratitude, love and kindness. It is my honor to have the chance to spread these values. Donating an autographed item to someone’s event and supporting good causes is the smallest thing I can do. I am also very thankful that people are supporting my charity events through the auctioning of my paintings or other items. Most importantly, I would like to thank you for helping me to help others by participating in my annual event, the Sandra Gal Charity Challenge in Florida.”
Sandra Gal
Golf Player
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