February 2010

Hi Everyone!

I came up with the idea to start writing a fitness and nutrition blog every month. There is so much to being a professional athlete and I think sharing some of the insight that I gain by working with some of the best trainers and coaches in the world might be interesting and even prove to be helpful for you.

Since the end of 2009 my fitness coach is Dave Herman - check out his Twitter account @AthletesTrainin. This off-season working-out has become an even bigger aspect of my preparation for the 2010 season than ever before. Last season sometimes I felt like I was getting tired on the course and therefore loosing some of my focus during the round. At this level of competition one stroke per round makes a huge difference. And if I could get home with maybe one stroke less just by improving my fitness level - that would be awesome. So part of my work-out routine are sessions of cardio on the bike that I spike up with 2 minutes of high speed and 2 minutes of low speed intervals in succession. I'll do 8 of each, giving a 100% on the sprints. That is one way of doing my cardio - I'll tell you some other options next time.

To compliment my work-outs, I also use protein shakes and vitamins made by my nutritional products sponsor, Shaklee. My favourite one is "Physique" and I drink it before and after my work-outs in order to help rebuild muscle and recover from training sessions. Actually, I also drink this shake during my rounds of golf - usually after 9 holes in order to help me refuel and maintain my energy and focus. I have been using Shaklee products for several years now because I trust their products fully (since golf has become an Olympic sport we get drug tested on tour) and I love their company philosophy of intense research behind every product to create the best natural health products in the world. I'll tell you about some cool shakes for a fast breakfast next time.

Take care!