Hi Guys!

Alright, now it's time for a break. A short one, but good one. I have been playing for six weeks in a row, which was a lot of fun and experience. Now I am actually sitting in an airplane on the way to my American home in Orlando.

The past few weeks were tremendous, and besides some good finishes, I really value what I've learned out there. Since I had not played on the Futures Tour, this was like a crash course for a professional golfer: learning the most efficient ways to travel (and pack - I feel bad for my caddy, whom I had to overload with some of my things that just seem to triple after every week - thanks Paul!), to practice or not to (while playing a lot, the latter is sometimes better despite its reputation), to be patient on the course (best advise ever!), forget about the negative and focus on the positive (there is always something to be happy about), and never to give up (I barely made the cut two weeks ago and then finished 14th)!

Last week I played my first major as a professional. I love those big tournaments with all the fans. Although I had some problems with the heat the last two days, I enjoyed the course that played long and tough. Honestly, the tighter a golf course gets, the better your focus is - hopefully. The best examples were the two weeks at the Sybase Classic and in Corning, where the fairways were some of the narrowest I have ever seen. You need to get up and rip it down there no matter what.

So what's next? A week of relaxing! For me that means practice a little, pool time, a massage, some shopping, studying and sleep. Now I still have another hour on my flight - time to get some sleep in. Oh, but before I forget: Check out Wilhelmina's new W7 group! I'll tell you more about it next time...

Until then, take care!