Hi Guys!

My first two weeks on Tour were amazing! Not only did I get to go to Hawaii, but also play some wonderful golf courses like Turtle Bay! It's a challenging course, but I just love it. The greens were really firm and the fairwayspretty tight. It took an art to stop the ball where you wanted to with all the slopes and the firmness and I realized that that is something I definitely need to work on.

I played a practice round with Annika, who played the course for the first time this year - and won! I'm happy for her that she finally broke her streak from last year and is off to a good start for the season. It was a great experience playing with her. She seems to do everything so effortlessly and she can really put spin on the ball on those greens! I played well during my first tournament, but the putts just didn't want to fall. Instead, I fell in love with those huge whales jumping out of the Pacific and really having fun. The sea turtles were pretty cool, too.

There is so much you can do at Turtle Bay, but one thing I wished I would have seen was the big surfing competition at the famous pipeline that got postponed all the time, because the waves were not big enough. Maybe I'll be lucky next time to catch up with….errrr… I mean watch those surfers.

Well, during my second tournament I shot better scores, but the course was totally different. The fairways were wider, but the greens smaller. There were a lot more people coming to watch us, since Ko Olina is closer to Honolulu than Turtle Bay. I love all the fans and spectators, since they are so genuine in their reactions and they really want you to play well (believe it or not, there were even quite a few Gators out in Hawaii).

Unfortunately, I won't be able to play in Mexico, because I need to catch up with my classes…but graduation is not that far away!

I'm really looking forward to my next event in Phoenix, Arizona and maybe I'll see you there!

Take care,