Welcome everyone to my Rookie Blog!

This is the first time I am going to write a blog on a regular basis. Let me just tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Sandra and I come from Germany, where I played for the Germany National Team since 2003. After I graduated from high school in 2004, I left home and "risked" a different life in America. I went to the University of Florida, where I played lots of college golf until last semester and really enjoyed it!

This off-season everything was a little different than in the past few years - hm, maybe because I turned professional in December…

After a really long season with the UF team, tournaments with the German National Team in Europe, college golf again and two long stages of Q-school, I really needed a break. Not a long one though, since I was so excited about getting my tour card! But not before I was done with my exams at UF and of course celebrated with my golf team. After they watched me play on Saturday during Q-school and cheered for me, they actually made a little party for me once I came back to Gainesville. I cannot thank them enough for being so supportive and encouraging to me. I love them!

Mid of December I moved down to Orlando for good. I love my place down there and the practice facilities at the Leadbetter Academy. It really is a different life now as professional golfer. What was my hobby, is now my job, but I still don't see is as such, because it is so much fun.

During my little break from golf, which was about two weeks long, I tried to paint a lot. My parents came over Christmas and New Years, so I definitely needed to make some presents for them. I think I succeeded in one painting….at least my dad liked it. Well, I might show you some of them next month. It's a great way for me to take my head of everything around me; it's being in a different world. I usually paint on white canvases with acryl colors. Sometimes I get into a rage, where I buy a lot of them and big ones. Recently I bought a canvas that almost didn't fit in my car…speaking the least of what it's going to look like in my apartment. Oh, and I haven't figured out that tiny little part of what I am going to paint on it either….maybe my first tournament in Hawaii is going to bring some inspiration to me.

I also still have three classes to graduate as an Advertising major. So with classes starting at the beginning of January, I had to come back to reality and needed to seriously do some work before the season started. I am still working on that one.

Our first tournament is in a week and a half in Hawaii and I am really excited for it! I worked a lot on my short game during the off-season, which I think I can never practice enough. With my coach Andrew Park we also focused more on hitting different types of shots. I really want to have a big repertoire of shots that I can use depending on the golf course, the pin positions and the wind. It also gives me more of a playing attitude when I practice, which is fun, rather than being too technical.

Now it's just time to play and go for it!