I think it’s time to talk about practice. Everyone has their own unique methods and preferences, but I’m sure you will find something out of my repertoire that resonates with you.


Yes, we have an amazing job. And most people would love to trade jobs with us. But the truth is that we have just as many ups and downs as professional golfers as anyone else working. Of course we are grateful — unbelievably grateful — for what we do, but not many people talk about the side of golf that you don’t see on TV.


How many times have you heard to stay in the present? To enjoy the moment, to live now, to have fun, not to worry… A million times right? But what does that actually mean? I was on a journey to find out for myself.


I would like to share an amazing experience I had last week with you guys. But first, let me start somewhere else, because this goes way back.


Hi everyone,

And it’s off-season!!! I know we always say this – but it seems like this year especially has just flown by in the speed of light. I haven’t touched a club since one week and it is just a bit strange.


Hey guys,

Summer is almost gone and our last major is up for the taking. It’s been a great couple of months. 


Hi guys!

Hope everyone is doing good and getting into summer mode! I certainly am, coming from Arkansas last week. I had a fun month of tournaments before that, even though I struggled with a little injury on my foot the first couple of weeks on the road.


Hi guys,

I’m back! Sorry for my late blog, it has been a busy time for me. I moved to a new place, which is so much fun, but also so much work! From pure moving, to administrative stuff and furnishing – it all takes time.


Hello Everybody!

I got my first three tournaments of 2012 under my belt. It was great to get out there and shake some of the winter break dust off.


Hi everybody!

Happy New Year!!! I wish you LOTS of happiness, love, time with your family, time for yourself, success and peace.


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