Sandra Gal, winner of the 2011 Kia Classic, says to improve impact with your driver, move the ball up in your stance parallel with your front foot. Take 5 or 6 swings in this position and get the feel of solid impact. Move the ball back to the proper position and start hitting solid drives.


Germany's Sandra Gal was voted the world's "hottest golfer" by readers of "To be honest, I don't consider myself the most attractive girl out there, but it's nice to see a lot of people participated in that voting," Gal told Golf Channel. "Hopefully, it can bring more attention to the women's game."


"I don't really work on that image, maybe it's something that just comes naturally," Gal said. "I did a bit of work for Callaway and their catalogs, but I'm really focused on my game and to be the best athlete I can be. That's always going to be my No. 1 focus."


Sandra Gal won the Kia Classic on the 2011 LPGA Tour and she was also a Captain’s Selection for the winning European Solheim Cup team. She is very excited for the 2012 season following a great 2011….In her opinion, girls tend to play better when things in their life are more balanced and she feels that is the case for her.


ORLANDO, Fla. – Sandra Gal understands sex appeal is part of her growing popularity as an LPGA professional, but she wants to be known primarily for her accomplished game.
She told Tuesday that she doesn’t mind being labeled the “Hottest Golfer” on the planet, as long as it promotes the women’s game.


After two months of online voting and 16 head-to-head matches we finally have an overall winner in the Hottest Golfer competition. Twenty-six-year-old LPGA Tour player Sandra Gal from Germany, didn't just defeat 23-year-old men's champ Rickie Fowler for the ultimate crown -- she annihilated him. Gal got a whopping 99.6 percent of the more than 80,000 votes cast. This may be an indication of the gender of our voters, but it also speaks volumes about the popularity of this former ballet dancer from Dusseldorf.


Sandra is the overall winner of the Hottest Female Golfer Challenge as voted by the Golf Digest readers


Hers may not exactly be a name that immediately triggers bells (you may remember her from the ‘Babes & Hunks’ segment in ParGolf’s December 2009 issue), but once you’ve met the sweet yet incredibly alluring Sandra Gal (pronounced ‘gahl’), chances are you won’t forget her anytime soon. (And yes, I’m straight, really – cross my heart.)


Sandra Gal is a master at showing off her killer legs. Whether she's doubling up on the polos or sporting a sleek sleeveless number, her athletic legs are always on display. I love that she can pull off short skirts and still look athletic and sporty, not over-exposed.


Question: Can you take me through a great day, 3-under par? I know two bogeys, five birdies, kind of take me through the round and what was working well for you today.
SANDRA GAL: I actually had kind of a slow start. I think 1 is a very birdieable hole; 2, you kind of have to make birdie


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